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How to start a viral video campaign

Viral video marketing is one of the hottest techniques around. Many attempt to use this method, but few succeed. A successful effort usually involves the assistance of professionals that know how to make it happen. In just days, over a 100,000 viewers check out a viral video campaign, with many heading to the advertiser’s web site. A high-quality viral video team can:

  • Create an eye-catching, interesting concept, and then produce a short, snappy video that will get viewers interested
  • Design slick-looking, relevant content that today’s Internet users just have to see
  • Make sure that the business behind the catchy content is noticeable but not overbearing—you don’t want it to appear to be a commercial, but you do want to lure in viewers
  • Manipulate web sites like YouTube and Google Video so that there’s no question whether a video will go from one view to 100,000 views
    • Increase branding efforts: Your company can from little-known to famous in a matter of days
    • Increase traffic to your web site: Viewers will pour into your web site to check out your products and services
    • Boost sales and profits: Of course the bottom line is the most important thing, and driving viewers to your business is the number one goal of any video production
    • Prove your business is ahead of the pack: This is a cutting edge technique used generally by savvy entrepreneurs and big shot companies
    • And much more
  • Will a viral video campaign help my business?

    Over the last few years, user-generated content has exploded on the web. From sites like Facebook and MySpace, to YouTube, to popular blogs, and many more, web users are all about content created by them and their peers.

    But if you don’t think there’s money to be made here, you’re wrong. With so many eyeballs captivated by exciting videos, any business can profit. Once your video starts getting forwarded into email boxes around the globe and starts getting posted on social networking sites, the sky is the limit. A viral video campaign can:

    The next step in your marketing strategy

    Your business may have tried conventional advertising techniques on the Internet with some level of success. Or perhaps you’ve done some video productions and been happy with the results. A viral video campaign is the next level for any marketing scheme.

    Consumers increasingly are getting their information via the Internet and user-generated content sites. Small, medium and large businesses need to be where their consumers are. A powerful viral video campaign can be a great tool for any business in today’s competitive climate.

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