Welcome to Video News can get you on national TV coast to coast in the United States for $2,997, including a gorgeous 30 or 60 second TV commercial and airtime (approximately 50 national commercials, depending on length, times and stations) on some of the biggest national cable networks in the United States. We can place the commercials on the channels and shows that are most likely to be seen by the viewers that you’re trying to reach (including Fox News, CNN, the Travel Channel, A&E, CNBC, Fox Business, Discovery Channel etc. — we’ll target the channels and shows you need). We purchase unsold airtime on networks for pennies on the dollar. I assure you that viewers don’t know or care that you spent $20 on your national commercial instead of $20,000.

Then, in future months, we’ll charge you $1,000 to manage your campaign, which will include up to one new 60 second commercial or video free every month. If you’re making money from the campaign (and please keep in mind that national TV has been known to generate massive sales for many businesses), you’ll probably want to continue. By the time you’ve been on TV for a year, you’ll not only have experienced great things from TV, but you’ll have 12 spectacular videos, which can be generating huge exposure on the internet. Or, you can use the free production to make a special commercial to match seasonal sales opportunities (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day etc.)

There’s no minimum length of contract. You can cancel anytime. We’ll buy as much airtime for you each month as you’d like — it’s totally up to you with no minimum or maximum.

This is an amazing opportunity to experience the power of national TV, while saving tens of thousands of dollars!

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