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If you own or work for a business, you NEED a video promoting your firm and your services. A high definition video produced with ultra-high quality cameras, lenses, and camera cranes, with a professional spokesperson and a million dollar set customized just for you, will simply make you look better than your competition. So, when you attach your video to your e-mails to prospects, you’ll get the sale just about every time, because you’ll look like the biggest and most successful business in your field. Then, when you put your videos on your websites, your search engine rankings will be optimized, so not only will more prospects visit your site, but those prospects will be sold on you before they even pick up the phone to call. And, when you upload your videos to websites like YouTube, you’ll be getting fabulous free promotion around the world.

All the experts agree that a major league video is crucial for a business, but the problem is that videos at this quality level with the best HD cameras, cranes, professional spokesperson, and customized million dollar sets, will you tens of thousands of dollars — until now. You can now get these videos — videos you absolutely need — at a remarkably low price — peanuts really, through the industry leader, VideoProduction.com.

You’ll have many sets to choose from, including a HIGH END NETWORK NEWS SET, a CLASSY DARK SET with granite floors and walls, an OCEANFRONT SET, a BLUE MARBLE SET WITH ELECTRONIC TICKER, a LIGHT & AIRY ABSTRACT SET, a COLORFUL TV STUDIO SET WITH RED & BLUE FLOOR, a HUGE TRIPLE PLASMA SCREEN SET, and a NATURAL WOOD SET overlooking any city or town you’d like, by day or by night.

And remember, we’ll customize these sets for you with photos and videos of you, your staff, your office, your products, your logos — whatever you’d like. We’ll make you look like a Fortune 500 firm — the leading firm in your field. You’ll look better than your competition — like you’ve had the success to afford what appears to be a $100,000 video. You’ll get free advertising around the world on sites like YouTube and Facebook. We’ll tell your story the way you want it told — a way that will sell you and your product. And just for good measure, we’ll make things remarkably easy for you. And while we’re at it, we’ll save you about 100,000 bucks! Check out our sample page, and please call VideoProduction.com today!

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